fresh coffee every time



even though i am a tea fanatic, i certainly do enjoy a really good cup of fresh coffee.  since i am drinking tea more often than coffee, i tend to purchase whole coffee beans over the store-ground, as they will stay fresher longer in my home.  everyone knows, that freshly ground beans have a wonderful aroma, and even better taste.  when asked to sample and review this Epica coffee mill, I jumped at the chance.

it has a very sleek modern design, complete with a stainless steel bowl and blade.  the cup is more than adequate to hold enough beans for 6-8 cups of freshly ground coffee.  the mill is very easy to use, directly out of the box.  the design of this mill includes a blade grinder.  in short bursts, it easily ground my coffee beans into a perfect grind for my automatic coffee machine.  this grinder will grind the coffee into a course grind which is perfect for my french press.


this grinder works and is a very fun gadget.  it is very sturdy and cleans easily with a damp cloth.  this Epica mill is perfect for a coffee bar or dessert and coffee cart.  your guests will enjoy sampling freshly ground coffee with an enhanced flavor profile.

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