last week i wrote about baking inspiration.  i love to visit bakeries.  probably, i should not be visiting as much as i do, but nevertheless, i am inspired by bake shops.  a couple of weeks ago, i visited Ann Arbor, Michigan and happened upon this very cute bake shop which is not located near the campus.  just baked happens to be a franchise with sixteen locations in the southern part of the State.  these cupcakes were also featured on Good Morning America.

yes, i just had to try their cupcakes.  with names like Fat Elvis and Chubby Hubby, how could I resist?  we selected four to take and sample over the course of several days.  with 35 cupcakes on the menu, and another 33 listed as seasonal or occasional flavors, i felt like this was baking inspiration at its’ finest.

the strawberry cupcake has a shortbread cookie bottom with strawberry cake and strawberry cream cheese frosting. i loved this combination.


the drumstick was covered in nut topping with a chocolate ganache, reminiscent of the world famous drumstick ice cream cone. some of the other creatively named and decorated flavors are: sno-cap, which is rolled in nonpareils–pineapple upside down–cinnamon donut, with a cinnamon sugar bottom, with cinnamon cake, and drizzled with icing.

i would have to recommend a visit to one of their shops, when on a trip to the Detroit suburbs. the cupcakes were fresh, delicious, creative, and most of all plentiful.  there is a nice area for eating, and the to-go packaging is very sturdy, preventing the cupcakes from moving about during transport.  for more information, check out this link: 



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