lavender and rosemary



a friend of mine sent me this lovely wreath a couple of weeks ago, and i have been enjoying it every day.  the scent from the lavender and rosemary branches is subtle, though totally charming.  with spring taking its time to really come forth in Michigan this year, a hint of fresh herbs for the home is nothing less than welcome.

the wreath was designed for indoor use, and since i have a pair of French doors, it has found a perfect home.  i don’t think i would want to miss the loveliness of it showcased for only outdoor guests anyway.  the charm of lavender has been adored for centuries in the southern areas of Europe.

rosemary is a herb known to symbolize remembrance.  the combination of the two herbs brings a welcoming look to my sunroom.

the wreath inspired me to check my lavender plants in my garden. they seem to have survived the brutal winter.  when i gently brushed the leaves that were packed around them for protection, i caught a glimpse of their fragrance. i will wait a few more weeks to prune them, as to wait for new growth this year on their branches. every year i plant a rosemary plant, but in Michigan, rosemary is simply an annual.  I enjoy a few springs for cooking, but never seem to have a rosemary plant overwinter.

this wreath and the kindness of my friend to share it with me makes me very thankful for every day.  being able to take the time to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift makes me happy.  spring will be here soon.

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