tea in a French press


i have a French press to make coffee, but recently I was served tea from a French press.  we were in a cute bistro, and ordered a pot of tea–and out came our champagne tea served from a press.  i really have not used my press for making tea.  so, i had to try this out. it worked wonderfully, and steeping works perfectly, as i was clearly able to see the leaves floating and brewing for the desired length of time.

i used six teaspoons of tea leaves to six cups of water in my press and steeped the tea for four minutes.  after sharing a cup of tea, i saved the rest for iced tea to use later in the day.  freshly brewed iced tea is also a treat when made from freshly pressed tea leaves.

it is important to remove the tea from the press, or the tea will be bitter from the compressed tea leaves.  so, as i did, i saved the tea for iced tea.  or, the tea could be placed into a teapot to enjoy the remainder of the cups.

i would also caution you, that if your press has been used many times for making coffee, it would be very important to make certain it was free from all coffee flavor or aromas.  the two do not mix well with the flavor of tea.  perhaps a new press would be better for just tea making.


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