baking in moderation


Easter baking is complete, and it is the week to return to practical weight management. No more chocolate dipped Peeps for me.

Time to return to sensibility. With the proper equipment, this is easily monitored.  I had the opportunity to test and review the Surpahs outlook precision digital bathroom scale.  The sleek design encourages me to keep this scale within easy reach on my bathroom floor.


The handle allows me to easily move the lightweight scale into a convenient place for weight measurement. The ultra-thin design is very stylish. This scale allows for weight measurement in kilograms or pounds and ounces.

I am very impressed with the instant step on technology.  There is no longer a need to wait for the dreaded number to pop up. This scale is a wonderful way to measure my fitness level and activities.

The numbers have a LCD backlit display for easy reading in all types of lighting. The platform for standing is generous for a home bathroom scale. I have been using the scale for a couple of days now, and can’t really find anything negative about it.

Overall, I am really pleased with this product.  It is accurate and a necessity for anyone who is ready to make the commitment to weight management. The scale is available on Follow this link for more information:

Now, this allows me to move into the next step of weight management—portion control.  Everyone knows that this is the true secret to reaching your goal weight.  It is always all about portions.  I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to review another Surpahs product—the ultra-thin glass digital kitchen scale.  This product is absolutely beautiful in my all white kitchen.  It is so attractive, it will certainly help me to weigh everything from fruits and vegetables to protein for each meal.

Anyone who is considering being on a diet, isn’t being fair to themselves if they don’t invest in a kitchen scale. By measuring every portion, it is very easy to see how quickly those extra bites add up.  When a program says ½ cup of fruit–that means 4 ounces. Period.

This scale can measure so precisely that this morning I added one blueberry at a time to the cup to make a difference in the portion allowed.


Yesterday, I needed this scale because my Easter ham’s weight tag was damaged, and I needed to remember how much it weighed to determine cooking time. This scale came in very handy.

I will say this—I absolutely LOVE this scale and very much recommend the purchase. For more information, please follow this link to




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