hot or cold?


first of all, thank you to my over 400 followers.  i appreciate each and every one of you checking in to see what i have been growing or baking. as the season is warming in Michigan, i will be spending more time outside gardening along with many of my friends.  that doesn’t mean that i won’t be grilling or cooking outdoors for the summer months.  i will continue to feature great summertime meals and menus on the blog.

i must say that the past couple of days i haven’t been able to decide if i should be pouring a cold beverage or another hot one. for those of you who understand the love of tea, i enjoy certain flavors of tea either hot or cold. i have written about the tea forte brand in the past, and shared my love for the variety of flavors they offer in the marketplace. with recent trip up North this past weekend, i found cherry marzipan. yum. with the temperatures still fluctuating from the 70’s yesterday to the 30’s today, i am still tasting both hot and cold today.

a day or so ago, i was sent a set of four Serafino double wall 12 ounce insulated beverage glasses to test out and review for my blog followers. these glasses are amazing.  they are NOT plastic like so many in the stores.  these are REAL glass, and they are insulated.  i tried them today with both a hot and cold glass of tea, and the glasses performed beautifully.  they kept the temperature of the teas hot or cold for as long as i was sampling them.  i was able to feel the warmth from the tea through the glass, but it was not hot to touch.  i was able to see some condensation on the glass with the hot tea, but it was not on the outside of the glass.

these glasses are so attractive and will be lovely for outdoor beverages in the coming months. i will be proud to serve everything from chilly lemonade to frosty smoothies in these glasses.  and, i also plan to use them to serve a salted caramel hot chocolate to my hubby–maybe tonight.

if you are thinking about trying insulated tumblers, i would give these a chance.  they are so attractive and appealing, your guests will be surprised at their beautiful construction.  for more information, please follow this link:

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