look what is growing in my garden today

Image  Image  Image  Image


so, today things are greening up in my garden.  it is very exciting to see that Spring is finally arriving and i have some plants returning to the garden.  i have walking onions, lambs ear, sorrel, jacob’s ladder, rhubarb and lots of garlic.  these are just a few of the green things in the garden today.  i have many types of thyme, parsley that overwintered, and lots of chives.  i am not so sure about my sage plants.  they really don’t look so good today, but i am giving them a chance to re-adjust to the warming temperatures.

my daffodils are just about all open, so i will be anxious to get them photographed. i have many hyacinths in bloom and lots of perennials poking up through the soil.   i have screams of excitement every time i open my garden gate.  i wonder what the neighbors think.  i am going to be expanding a couple of beds this weekend, adding soil and nutrients to get ready for the growing season.


Image     Image


here is a photo of some of the hyacinths and of course some tansy.  i still have some leaves to tend to and lots of cultivating to do.

Image    Image


i have plants arriving tomorrow, so will be cleaning up my portable greenhouse that is just inside the garage near a sunny window.  i will be getting it ready to store a few plants for the new season.   oh, Spring is so exciting—full of anticipation and the unknown. always something new to experience.  none of the hazards of the season yet to moan about, only joyful glee and hope.  let me know if you also feel this excitement–i just almost can’t contain myself.



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