my daffodils are blooming this week in the sunshine.  i planted them last fall, as i suspected that my daffodils from previous years were getting old and may not bloom.  i correctly predicted, as only a few errant daffodils from earlier years came through this season.  it is wonderful to have a full flush of yellow around my kitchen garden.

as i am watching and observing every day, more bulbs and spring blooms are coming forth from the ground.  i have been working the soil and planning my beds for the year.  in anxious anticipation of no more frosty mornings, i am waiting to get started with my vegetable seeds and other herbs.

i went on a shopping trip to the nursery yesterday and found a few new additions to my garden. i have them in my mini greenhouse in wait for the right moment.

with the afternoon sun, the garden is welcoming me back today.  i have been strolling the paths, looking for more hints of what is yet to emerge from the soil.


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