raspberry fruit tarts with ground sugar



sometimes i need a quick dessert to offer at the last-minute.  i usually keep pre-made tart shells on hand for those occasions.  i have found that sometimes these quick desserts are most welcome.

for the raspberry fruit tarts, i use either a bit of whipped cream or lemon curd from the jar–adding a couple of raspberries to the top of the tart.

the finishing touch is ground natural cane turbinado sugar from a sugar mill.  i had the recent opportunity to test out this product.  the epare powdered sugar mill is the perfect selection for grinding white, light brown or turbinado sugars.  i have been so pleased with the performance of the mill, which grinds the golden large crystals of sugar in the ideal sized granules for this dessert.  i prefer the taste of this natural sugar as the authentic taste comes through in the end. with my passion for food, i find that the small details make the difference in the desserts.

the epare powdered sugar mill would be perfect to grind sugar for pancakes, waffles, bundt cakes, cookies and even gingerbread for the holidays. the design of the mill includes a glass jar, where the sugar is stored, with an adjustable stainless steel top.  the grinder is very attractive and allows me to control the size of my sugar crystals for the food selection. the cap of the mill is used to adjust the size of the sugar granules. the unique design prevents sugar from being spilled onto the work surface, as the mill stands with the glass jar down. the jar will hold up to one cup of sugar, and could also be used to mix in cinnamon with the sugar.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





combining the two would be delicious for morning toast or with english muffins. for more information on the epare powdered sugar mill, follow this link:


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