every trip to the grocery store encourages me to try to make my own seasoning mixtures.  with the rising costs of simple blends, it has become more cost efficient to make my own homemade herb salts.  i have a simple recipe that i made with my new epare multi spice mill.  i was provided a sample of the mill to test and review for the blog.  the epare grinder works similar to a meat grinder, using a long ceramic spiral which pushes the spices and seasonings against a steel blade, and through the holes at the bottom of the grinder.  the mill grinds to perfection every time.

the stainless design is quite attractive and could be even used tableside for finishing chicken, roasted potatoes or even pizza. the options are endless, as whatever spice blend is favored, just add and grind away.

the design of this grinder is very well thought out, as the grinding takes place in the upside down position, allowing for the glass jar to remain upright when not in use.  this prevents spice dust from dropping onto the table or countertop.  to make the herb salt:  select coarse Kosher salt, rosemary and thyme.  i simply added small amounts of each seasoning to the mill. the grinder does the work of incorporating for the cooking process.  the larger granules of the salt help to break down the herbs when ground in the mill.

another seasoning salt that i have recently tried would be to use ground coffee beans, with the addition of paprika and sea salt.  this blend is tasty on burgers or steak.

Image i keep the grinder ready to go with the seasoning stored in the glass jar.  since the mill is only five inches tall, it fits conveniently in my spice cabinet just waiting for the next opportunity to be used.


for more information on the epare multi spice mill, please follow this link:


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