i am still working on preparing my kitchen garden beds for the growing season–cleaning, cultivating, and composting. i even have an expansion plan for this season. we have worked on raking and blowing leaves that were used to protect my flowers, herbs and other edibles from the harsh winter the last few weeks. we came up with 18 large paper bags of leaves, and are finally down to just a few leaves that could be actually composted into the soil.  i am not certain where all of these leaves and twigs come from during the winter.   nevertheless, we are at the point of seeing lots of green growth in the garden today.

i have walking onions, lovage, lambs ear, thyme, marjoram, oregano, rhubarb, chives and many flowering perennials.  i planted garlic last fall, and am so thrilled that it is coming up quite nicely. it is an exciting feeling to actually have something green in May, after what i believe was an unbelievably cold Michigan winter.

today is another rainy day.  as the raindrops are falling, i see my lawn making a tremendous rebound. my Vinca is blue–my hosta are emerging–the lily of the valley are growing.  soon, my garden beds will be full of green growth.


i found a great magazine highlighting tomatoes this season. i am so anxious, i put out some tomato cages and pepper ladders.  it is still too early in Midland to plant, but the spaces are reserved.

this magazine happens to include recipes and a great assortment of tomatoes to be grown just for sauce. other topics included in this issue focus on myths, staking choices, supplies, diseases, and recommendations of plants that are trouble-free.  the issue is published by fine gardening for Spring 2014.



i took this photo a couple of days ago when there was actually sunshine coming through my window.  i have decided on some varieties for my garden this year, and made my catalog order a couple of weeks ago.  have you found any favorite tomatoes that you like?  i have grown some in the ground in years past,  and some on my deck in pots.  let me know if you have a favorite.


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