cordless electric corkscrew–a review


in today’s age of kitchen gadgets, don’t neglect having an electric cordless corkscrew.  on an eight-hour charge, this Ozeri rechargeable wine opener will open your most quality wines with style and ease.  i had the opportunity to test and review this model for the blog, and have been sipping wine ever since the first charge.  this product is sturdy and precise.  the wine corks are removed effortlessly without the need for any strength.  i can’t help but realize that anyone with arthritis of the hands would absolutely love this product.

i found that the overnight charge holds well, and for the average wine enthusiast, will open many bottles before requiring another boost from the wall outlet.  the opener rests comfortably on a base, which is also a foil cutter for the outer protection of the cork.

a Blue LED light illuminates when the unit is charging with the included charging adapter.  the stainless finish is attractive and one that would look lovely on my home bar for entertaining.

compared to other models i have seen in the marketplace, this Ozeri opener sports a transparent window for the observation process of the cork being extracted with one touch.  no need to wonder when the cork is removed–it can be clearly seen.  with the touch of one button, the cork is released from the worm.  in a matter of a minute, the bottle is open without any effort.

how many times have you damaged a cork with a winged butterfly corkscrew or a bunny ear lever?  that old twist and pull corkscrew will never come out of the drawer again once you use a cordless corkscrew.  simply amazing.


the sleek design, coupled with the ease of operation should lead anyone to try out this model. also included is a very nice stainless pour spout, which allows for drip free pouring and proper aeration of the wine. these features make this product a perfect gift.


for more information on this Ozeri product, please follow this link:

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