a garden is such a personal challenge.  finding the right plant for the right space.  finding the right color to coordinate with the neighboring plants.  and, finally choosing a variety of textures and shapes to design a look that is both appealing and interesting to the eye. it takes years to grow a garden.  i have been working on the various garden spaces, with my front walkway being a definite challenge. i have been growing spring grape hyacinths and added spring forget me nots, which have begun to fill in nicely.

fragrance is developing as the lily of the valley are spreading.  the different colors and sizes of hosta have been added over the years, providing another dimension of shape and texture. the boxwood shrubs add the traditional feel, with some English ivy giving structure to the edge of the bed.  the liriope bloom later in the season with another shade of purple.

the garden also has a peony that flowers in june, which matches two peony in the driveway garden.  the hosta continue down the driveway bed, in addition to daylily, autumn Sedum and a japanese maple.  also, i have two viburnum to add another shape and color to the driveway garden.  these shrubs have been growing beautifully, and have developed into lovely anchors for the bed.


i love the shape of the flowers and the subtle fresh fragrance as they bloom in the springtime.  the shrubs are filled with flowers this year, which is such an amazing display considering the hard winter we experienced in Michigan.

these two gardens lead to the road, where my mailbox garden greets guests at the road.  that garden surrounds a flowering crab apple tree, with grape hyacinths, russian sage, lavender, daylily and late-blooming mums.  the colors and textures blend with the other gardens as guests travel up the driveway.

my garden is very personal and makes me happy.  i like how it has developed, and by no means, is it done.  the beds are still developing and will continue to blossom into something even more in the coming years.






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