recently i read that no garden can have too many viburnum plantings.  i must agree.  i have totally fallen in love with these woody shrubs.  when we moved into this home that was built during the early 80’s the perimeter of the yard was planted with several ten foot tall viburnum.  i wasn’t quite sure what type they were, but when i discovered that they were leather leaf, i was thrilled.

the leaves have a superb texture and magnificent size. during the colder winter months, the leaves droop similar to a rhododendron. however, this past winter, with temperatures well below minus 10, the leaves fell off totally.  i was heartbroken–thinking that perhaps i had lost my row of shrubbery.  each day, i looked out my front window to see the cold blowing wind hitting them on the western side of my home.  it would be spring time before i would know if they could hold up to the bitter cold minus 40 degree temperatures in my typically zone 5 garden.


as you can see, during the past few weeks, these viburnum have made a wonderful recovery.  the leaves are returning slowly, though they have not grown to the eighth inch lengths quite yet.  but, the plants have been putting forth beautiful leaves and the showy white spring flowers.  yes, it is almost June, but i am so happy.   i have several leather leaf shrubs, and my neighbor has an equal amount that face my yard.   with afternoon sun, and mostly shade, the plantings are very low maintenance.


needless to say, i have been shopping for different varieties of viburnum for other areas of my yard.  with Korean Spice already planted across the yard from these, i have purchased two summer snowflake viburnum which will be delivered this coming week.  true love.


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