purple iris in bloom today


within the past couple of days, my short purple iris have started to bloom.  in my Michigan garden, spring seems to be delayed.  i think these iris also happen to have a shorter time in the sunshine each day, which impacts their bloom time.

i chose these iris as they are hardy herbaceous perennial flowers.  the rhizomes are very easy to plant just under the surface of the soil. and, they have been steady bloomers for me for seven years now.

the flowers are shielded by the shadow of my house, and are planted in a difficult bed that drops into the side of my home where my basement egress windows are positioned.  this bed is not in a prominent area of my yard and garden, but i still enjoy seeing some color here.  i have added some taller bearded purple iris, mixed with spring blooming forget me nots, a variety of mints, and even some daylilies.

i like to think of this area of the yard as a casual garden–certainly not formal and not highly maintained.

i am so happy to see my spring iris today.  soon the rest of the bed will be in bloom, and the color will be a delight from my sunroom windows.


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