i purchased two honeysuckle vines shortly after i designed my fenced kitchen garden.  i had hoped to have the vines growing along the fence on two sides of the garden.  when i began to prune the honeysuckle, i came up with another idea, since the vines began to grow very thick and sturdy.  i decided to prune my honeysuckle into a tree.  i have two honeysuckle trees now, with the most fragrant blooms which have been attracting the largest bumble bees ever known to man.

i think this winter has caused our local bumble bees to grow larger and more fuzzy that i have ever seen in the state of Michigan.

the honeysuckle vine has a beautiful fragrance that can be detected as i walk toward the trees from across my yard.  the fragrance will not last for many days, but the lush leaves and the graceful movement of the trees will be beautiful for the entire summer.




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