summer toasted marshmallow bar



summer fun and summer entertaining time is here.  there is nothing more fun than having a roasted and toasted marshmallow over the grill after a summer barbecue.  try something different this year and offer toppings to the marshmallows.

i used a little sand and seashells in my old small glass milk bottle to hold the wooden skewers upright.

the toppings for this small gathering were:  melted Hershey’s chocolate, chopped almonds, red white and blue sprinkles, ground graham cracker crumbs, and chopped pecans.


other suggestions would be:  melted caramel, chopped peanuts, sea salt, or toffee bits.  if you have a favorite fruit coulis recipe to use as a drizzle, that would be equally wonderful–i am thinking raspberry coulis for my next marshmallow bar.

instruct your guests to do the following:   allow the guests to take a skewer to toast their marshmallow, provide plates and allow them to choose their own toppings.



serve the marshmallows with a fork.  this was so much fun and could be used for children’s parties as well. if your guests choose graham cracker crumbs and chocolate, they will have a deconstructed smore! yum


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