walking the garden trails


recently, we visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  The grounds of the hotel extend to the pool and fitness area, where a VitaCourse is available for guests.  the course is on a beautiful area of the property, where the lake is visible through a wooded area.  the paths are shaded and nicely maintained for walking and to take advantage of the exercise stations.

as we walked the paths, i had the opportunity to test and review my new digital pedometer by Ozeri. this new pedometer measures steps, distance, calories and time in a nicely compact digital format.  we stopped to admire the pool, which was too cold for swimming, with 50 degree outdoor temperatures.  as you can see, we were on the pool deck, and i stopped to check my step count on the ultra slim pedometer, which came out of my pocket quite easily.

Image Image

this pedometer will count up to 1 million steps, and will keep them counted on a seven-day memory. another feature included in this unit is a blue back  light, which nicely illuminates in the darkness. this pedometer also includes a clock, calendar and an auto sleep mode.  the lithium battery was included, and it took only minutes to set up.  the most challenging part of set up was the ability to estimate my stride.


near the fitness course and the pool on the hotel grounds is also the fitness center.  a variety of exercise machines are available for hotel guests.  our room key opened the center without having to ask at the pool desk.


back out on the paths, the daffodils were blooming in June.  the hosta were just emerging from their winter sleep.  it was so peaceful and calm, with cool temperatures and just a subtle breeze off the water. the pedometer was silently keeping track of my steps and weighs almost nothing.  it is very portable and very accurate.  for more information on this Ozeri pedometer, please follow this link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042H69WU

being at such a beautiful resort makes exercise truly fun.



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