the june garden is in bloom


after the brutal Michigan winter, my June garden is very much welcomed.  i have been walking by and touching all of my plants, because i almost can’t believe how beautiful they are this year.  i must have nearly 200 extremely fragrant pink roses on my climbing rose.  they are in every stage of bloom–small rose bud, just opening, partially opened, blooming, and dropping the petals.  the fragrance wafts through the air and this rose smells like perfume.  i wish i knew the name of this plant.  it was a gift from a fellow gardener–a start from her own rose.



and, at the same time, my peonies are in bloom. i have six pale pink peonies–Sarah Bernhardt.  and, two Karl Rosenfield peony.

Image   Image


and my siberian iris in yellow, white, and purple are in bloom.  the purple and yellow iris are along my kitchen garden fence line.

Image    Image

my vegetable garden is growing.  for the first time, i have planted lettuce in the ground.  i usually only grow lettuce in pots, but decided to try this year to plant a couple of rows.  wow.  i can grow lettuce in my garden. i just can’t wait to taste the tender leaves. no bunnies have found my garden this year.  i think my triple reinforcement of wire has kept them out–finally.

Image      Image

in addition, my lupines, spiderwort, comfrey and yarrow are blooming.  and, my clematis vine began to bloom today. chives, perennial Salvia, columbine, Jacob’s ladder, false indigo, several varieties of Allium, and several others are adding color to my yard.  summer love.



  1. Karen, I’m having a terrible time with bunnies so decided not to put in my vegetable garden this year. I’m missing the freshness of veggies. Your gardens are beautiful. Yum-yum on the lettuce!


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