cooking is much more enjoyable when having the right tools available.  this week, i was given the opportunity to test and review the Ozeri Fresko Duo Salt and pepper grinder for my blog.  the grinder is compact, compared to my other style grinders.  it allows for both salt and pepper in one tool.  the product is very well constructed with adjustable ceramic grinding mechanisms for both sides of the mill.

the duel chambers are easily accessed by pulling off and bending.  i was surprised at the ease and nice construction of this model. the grinder was easy to fill. i used a small funnel, which made the process flawless.  i selected red peppercorns and coarse sea salt for the two chambers.  to operate, it is easy to remove the stainless cap to reveal the grinder.  adjusting the grinder happens with a turn of the screw.


the chamber windows provide an easy guide to the fill level of the tool. the mill is sleek and handsome, and provides precision grinding. during the cooking process, it is extremely handy to have the grinder at easy reach.  i keep my grinders right next to my cooktop. i would recommend the Fresko Duo salt and pepper grinder for any foodie.



for more information, please follow this link:



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