the conservatory at longwood gardens


last week i visited Longwood gardens just outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  i have never experienced a garden that was nearly 1000 acres.  this magnificent estate and gardens belonged to Pierre DuPont and his family, and was created over a period of nearly 50 years. the gardens include majestic fountains, more than twenty garden rooms, and displays of horticulture design that are nothing less than magical.

the four-acre conservatory was phenomenal.  the size, design, and numerous plants were overwhelming to me, as we passed from room to room.  this is not a greenhouse experience.

this is a true conservatory, where the DuPonts entertained and socialized with their friends and family.  photographs are offered in the estate home of their events held in the conservatory.  the space even includes a lawn space, which is simply beautiful.


while touring the conservatory, i really lost track of time and focus.  i entered another world of living plants and beautiful flowers.  the orchid room was lovely.


i spent four hours touring the gardens, and was inspired to visit again during the winter season.








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