tea and honey

a perfect day begins with a pot of tea. i use an electric tea pot, and pour my tea over the leaves in a ceramic  pot.

i usually steep the tea less than the four minutes recommended, as i don’t like my tea full strength.  taking time for tea allows for time to organize my thoughts for the day, re-hydrates me for the morning, and gives me numerous health benefits that have been documented over time.

honey on toast is an added treat.  some of my favorite tastes of honey include Maine blueberry and honey with cinnamon.  the bees in Maine feed off of the blueberry bushes and impart a very pleasing taste of blueberry into their honey.   and, the taste of cinnamon combined with the honey brings back the flavor of cinnamon and sugar on toast from my childhood.

i have read a great deal of information and claims that honey with cinnamon can cure just about anything, however; i feel a bit more cautious about believing most of those stories.  but, i can say that it provides a great breakfast along with fruit. something as simple as this can be a wonderful start to any day.





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