grilling made easy

during the summer months, my outdoor grilling menus expand, and i have been attempting a variety of new recipes. one of the best decisions i made was to try out a new pair of super gloves for safety while cooking outdoors.

these super gloves are comfortable to wear and provide an easy grip for tongs and other barbecue tools. they are heat-resistant, and provide wonderful protection for extended use over a hot barbecue grill.  i have enjoyed the five-finger design, whereas many of this products are more of a mitt style.  i find that i have much more control over the use of the tools, and like the comfortable feel of cloth on my hands.

although i have not tried the gloves indoors while cooking, they are also great for oven use. safety should always be a priority when cooking with high temperatures or an open flame.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free


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