the applewood estate, former home of Charles S. Mott and his wife Ruth, is located in Flint Michigan.  the home and gardens are open to the public for group tours and events.  our garden club visited 18 of the landscaped acres a few weeks ago.  the home and property spans 65 acres of orchards, trees and farmland.  the Mott family is well-known for Mott applesauce, although the family sold that business many years ago.  Mr. Mott is well-known as a former vice-president with General Motors in Michigan.

IMG_9820 IMG_9852 IMG_9864 IMG_9866 IMG_9851

Mrs. Mott loved flowers and her garden rooms throughout the estate showed various displays of her designs. we toured trial gardens, demonstration gardens, formal gardens, and even a lovely cutting garden.  two of the photos show the rows of flowers placed in an area of the estate with perfect sun and growing conditions, hidden from normal view.  here, Mrs. Mott could come and select flowers for vases in her home, perfectly staked for straight stems.  lovely!

the gardens also include a lawn bowling green, an English croquet lawn, perennial gardens, rose gardens, butterfly gardens, an allee, specimen trees, vegetable and herb gardens, and of course an apple orchard.  this home is on the National Register of Historic Places


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  1. drmusicmom Avatar

    Your blog is just stunning! Love the latest tour of the Mott Estate.


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