a lettuce harvest from my garden

i am a beginning vegetable gardener.  i am still learning how to grow certain vegetables, and don’t always have perfect success stories in my garden.  that is why i am very happy to have the time to be able to practice gardening.  as a registered nurse, i have always favored the term “nursing practice”.  it has given me the confidence to try different measures to make a patient feel better.  therefore, gardening practice seems so logical to me.

this year, i do have a success story in the garden.  growing lettuce varieties from seed has become easier for me with dedicated soil within my fenced garden.  i still enjoy growing lettuce in pots, high above the ground level, away from hungry bunnies.  my deck always seems to have some space for a few lettuce pots. this year, my second harvest was delicious last week.



the lettuce leaves grew to nearly four inches and were both tender and tasty.  i rinse them in a stainless colander and then spin them in my salad spinner, allowing them to dry on paper towels on the countertop.  within one-half hour, the lettuce leaves can be turned and allowed to dry some more.  i store them in the refrigerator, just waiting for a delicious salad opportunity.

i usually choose a variety of lettuce leaves, mache, and arugula for the best tasting assortment.


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