my small cucumbers were ready for picking this past week, and i made Martha’s classic refrigerator pickle recipe.  it is easy and delicious. i posted the recipe on my blog back in 2010 and have made this recipe every year since that posting.

the recipe can be found by searching the blog for refrigerator pickles.  it can also be found through the angel food garden archives window, July 2010.  the posting was on July 5th.


i would encourage all my blog readers to search the archives, as the first couple of years of blogging, i was still learning the process.  i do not have all of those early posts in the tag system. however, i am working on linking all of the recipes to the search window. my goal is to have all of them linked to an easy search method very soon.

at this time, i have 854 blog posts, including recipes and gardening education.  my readership has been growing, and i thank everyone for your visits to the blog and to my twitter or google + platforms. if you haven’t followed me on twitter or google +, check it out.  the google + community is amazing, and i encourage everyone to join.  i post my blog to both platforms and the blogger community is growing on both of them.

these easy pickles are delicious on their own or served as a summer side dish with many summer grilling menus.  and just think, no need to do the canning and processing method for this recipe–super simple and perfect every time. this was my first year of growing my own small cucumbers, and they were easy to grow.  my first year’s harvest was 6 small cucumbers for just three plants.  if you don’t have five to six hours of sunshine for a patch of your own, shop at your local farmer’s market for the freshest small cucumbers that can be found.  enjoy !






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