old fashioned floats

summer isn’t summer unless special cool beverages are served.  i think the tradition of an ice cream float might be termed dated.  i seem to only see advertisements for smoothies, shakes or iced coffee drinks. i hope not, because floats are my favorite for summer barbecue dinners.

there is really nothing easier than an old-fashioned ice cream float.  the ice cream just floats in the carbonated beverage.  that could be soda, fizzy water, club soda, or seltzer.

growing up in Michigan, we were surrounded by Vernors ginger ale.  it is the oldest ginger ale in the United States.  it was created in 1866 by James Vernor, who was a pharmacist from Detroit. Vernors was sold everywhere and popular at Sanders ice cream shops.  Mr. Vernor had an original shop on Woodward Avenue where he first sold his beverage.

over the years the brand changed ownership, and today Vernors is owned and sold by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group of Texas.

i use diet Vernors for my ice cream floats with vanilla ice cream.  Vernors is highly carbonated and has a sweet golden ginger taste. some people call this float a Boston cooler in the Detroit area.  it did originate on Boston street in Detroit.

i usually add a bit of whipped cream to the top of the float, and a pretty straw for decoration.  so much fun !


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