herbs from home

one of the best things about having a home garden is being able to snip a sprig of an herbal plant to brighten the kitchen table.  i selected several herbs from my garden and created a simple arrangement in several small vases.

after the dinner, i can use the herbs for upcoming recipes.  the sage can be used to flavor roasted potatoes, the rosemary could be added to mayonnaise for an herbal spread on a sandwich, the oregano can be added to a pasta sauce, the basil is used to flavor cold beverages or ice cream, and finally the thyme will be used to season grilled chicken.



growing herbs is easy and fun.  a beginning gardener can be very successful the first year.  herbs are great to grow in pots, need very little water and lots of sun.  there are so many varieties of each of these plants with hundreds of recipes online for ideas to use in meals.  herbal vinegars and flavored salts are just two of the most current ways to use herbs from the garden.  in Michigan, all of these herbs are perennials except for the rosemary.  i have to plant rosemary each year in the garden.

fragrant, useful and so economical–herbs are healthy and delicious.



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