One weekend ago, we celebrated the autumn equinox at Dahlia Hill in Midland, MI.  This garden is unlike any other garden. Nearly 3000 individual tubers are planted each Spring, which begin to bloom in July, continuing until the first frost.  Over 250 varieties of dahlias are planted by volunteers in eight terraced garden levels.   The garden is free and open to the public any day of the week.  In addition, beautiful artwork is incorporated into the setting.


The garden is a creation of a local artist and teacher, who had the vision to take a busy city corner property on Main Street, and create a beautiful landscape with flowering dahlias each year.  His art studios are at the top of the property, and add to the celebration.  Guests tour the studios during the open house, meet Mr. Breed, and learn more about the artist behind this community gift. Mr. Charles Breed had a vision like none other.

Today, the Dahlia Hill Society is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the beauty of dahlias. Instead of members of this organization growing dahlias to exhibit or show, they grow dahlias on this hill for the beauty and gift to the community.


If visiting Midland Michigan, which is located near the center of the state (mid-land), please stop by during the peak bloom time of August and September.  Here is more information:




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