I love Fall

We were out-of-town for five days, and when we returned home I realized just how many leaves had been falling. Our yard is fortunate to have many tall trees which produce colorful fall leaves. The maples are especially beautiful, along with the other foundation plants in my yard. We have five burning bushes in the front landscaping, beginning with one near the mailbox. The burst of red is beautiful as it follows up the driveway and around the front landscape. We have so many leaves, that if we tried to chop and mulch them I think we would have enough for the beds of everyone on our road. At the beginning of the season we rake and blow them into the road for the city to collect. As the weeks go on, we bag them, with some weeks generating 10 or more bags. We always have plenty to cover our perennials and landscape beds for the winter. That is never a problem.


While working with the leaves, I have been enjoying my front porch pumpkins.  This year, I even placed smaller pumpkins in my lower windowsills for added color.



I have also been enjoying the colorful fall produce.

These colorful carrots and tomatoes have made lovely fall meals this past week.  The colors of fall are exceptionally beautiful this year.  I have been enjoying every moment.



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