salted caramel hot chocolate

While I was scanning the internet for a recipe for hot chocolate, I happened upon dozens of recipes for salted caramel hot chocolate.  So many of them sounded and looked delicious, I just had to try one at home.  This one is a copycat recipe for Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.  Now, as usual, I edited and changed up the recipe a bit to match the ingredients I happened to have in my home pantry.  They used toffee, melted chocolate and steamed milk.  Many others online use a variety of ingredients and techniques.  Definitely worth searching for and reading through if this is one of your favorite drinks.

I simply used my Godiva hot chocolate mix, heated with milk on the stove-top, and then added caramel syrup to the glasses, topped with whipped cream.  To finish it off, I drizzled caramel on the whipped cream and sprinkled with sea salt.


This is a delicious drink.  Now did I say how delicious?  Wow. This is one of the best and easiest drinks that I have made at home.  The caramel sauce that I found is nothing less than perfect.  Perfect taste, perfect texture, perfect consistency out of the squeeze bottle–everything about it is simply perfect.

I also used fine textured sea salt.  I think medium or larger grains would be too salty, and the fine texture of the salt is just perfect for that mix of sweet and salty on the lips.

To make the drinks attractive, I chose to use my new double walled glassware.  The glassware is made from heat-resistant glass, which allows the glasses to be cool to the touch.  So pretty to see through the clear glass and not have to worry about a hot glass. The glassware is easy to clean and perfect for either hot or cold drinks with no coasters required.   If interested in this glassware, please follow this link:


The sample glassware was provided to me in exchange for an honest online review.


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