pumpkins for Thanksgiving

Everyone likes to display a pumpkin on their porch for Halloween, but I love to keep my pumpkins through Thanksgiving.  I usually prefer a display of many pumpkins or squash types.  This year I have a green pumpkin on my porch, along with smaller pie pumpkins in my lower windows.


Along with the pumpkins, I use dried plant material that I collect from my dried ornamental grasses from the previous year.  These dried grasses make perfect nests for the pumpkins on my front porch.  Using wire baskets or a cement urn keeps the pumpkins off the ground.  I need to protect them from small chipmunks that seem to like a nibble once and awhile.  I find that the cold weather in Michigan keeps my pumpkins very fresh outdoors.  If the temperatures rise, then the risk of the pumpkins becoming soggy increases.  When Thanksgiving approaches, I remove the seeds and toast them in the oven for a great Thanksgiving snack.



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