shrimp fra diavolo

Are you looking for an easy pasta dinner that could be served to guests?  This shrimp fra diavolo recipe is one from Food Network and is easy and super tasty. It has that upscale feel because of the shrimp and herbs.  It is one recipe that is easy enough for a romantic weeknight, but also has that presentation quality for a special dinner with friends.


I followed Food Network’s marinara recipe and then use red pepper flakes with the shrimp.  I liked the character of the pasta sauce as well as the texture with the noodles.

Start the marinara sauce with 6 garlic cloves crushed through a garlic press in olive oil over medium heat in a large skillet.  Add a large can of whole tomatoes, and water to dilute.  Season with salt and red pepper flakes,  Simmer and add basil and parsley.  Add shrimp about 5 minutes prior to serving and cook until pink and firm.  Add cooked pasta to finish the dish. Garnish with parsley and shaved Parmesan cheese.  Plan to eat this dish by candlelight, because it is so romantic.  The tricolor pasta, the sweet shrimp, and the slightly hot taste of the red pepper is just perfect for that special dinner.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I had the opportunity to test out a new stainless garlic press from Bru Joy, and was very impressed with the size, weight, and capability of this garlic press.  I used my home-grown garlic and for this recipe; the garlic was minced to the right texture, with the garlic skins nicely captured within the press.  Cleaning is super easy and an additional brush is also included with purchase.  This is the garlic press that I will be using from now on, and I highly recommend this product.  For more information, see this link:


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