The holidays are here with the increased desire to bake and prepare for many celebrations.  I like to bake throughout the winter time, since I seem to have more time indoors due to the inclement weather and decreased garden maintenance.


I recently had the opportunity to try out this Danish dough whisk that was sent to me for review.  I absolutely love this whisk, and can’t believe how I had not seen it in past years.  It has a very unique design and can actually be used for many types of batters.  I have used it for muffins, breads, and even biscuits.


The wooden handle is super sturdy and the stainless steel design is perfect for capturing the dough that seems to always stick to the side of the mixing bowl.  The whisk handle is made from natural birch, and the clean up is super easy with soap and water.  The whisk handle comes in different lengths.  The larger whisk would be more appropriate for larger amounts of bread dough, which could be very stiff to mix.  The leverage from the strong handle is a great advantage for those types of dough.

I have been so pleased with this product, I purchased one for my very good friend who also enjoys baking. If you are searching for a last-minute gift for a foodie, here is a great idea.  For more information, check out this website:


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