Garden tool review: pruning shears

Two weeks ago, I created my yearly decorations for my front porch.  I like to use natural greenery and garden materials to decorate.  Most of the materials come from my garden, and that gives me great pride during the different holiday seasons.

I use some materials year-to-year, like collected pine cones and sometimes other decorative items.  This year, I had the opportunity to try out a new pair of pruning shears for my basket project.


I had a wire basket that I fill each year and place on a bench on my front porch. It balances out a cement garden container on the opposite side that holds greenery and a small tree.  This year, I used a grapevine tree in the pot.  So, I decided to use more fresh greenery in the basket.

I used these new pruning shears to cut holly and various greens.  The shears are super sharp with a nice comfortable grip.  The steel parts are very sturdy and not aluminum like other bypass shears.  They have a nice locking mechanism, which seems to be the trouble area for me most often with other garden tools.  This pair is nicely designed and performs up to standard.

The price on these bypass shears is great compared to most.  I would have to give this tool a top ranking.   For more information on this product, please follow this link:       #pruningshears




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