Old Fashioned Ribbon Candy

I grew up with Ribbon Candy from Sanders Chocolates in Detroit, Michigan.  The candy is paper thin, and as seen in the photograph, still packaged very well in a padded box.  I remember my father bringing home a box every year to my mother.

I couldn’t believe that Sanders was still selling this Holiday treat, as I remember from my childhood.  The ribbons are so pretty when displayed in a candy dish and the flavors are delicious.  Breaking off a small piece at a time, the ribbons just dissolve in your mouth. Each color is a different flavor–cinnamon, orange, lemon, and more.

Sanders had 57 stores in the Great Lakes region at one time, opening first in 1875.  Fred Sanders’ goal was to bring European confections to the area. In 2002, Morley candy purchased the Sanders brand and still offers delicious products today.

We loved trying the candy this Christmas, and my adult children (ages 32 and 29) commented that they had never seen it before.  This is a real classic and truly lovely.

For more information about Sanders or ribbon candy, please follow this link:  http://www.sanderscandy.com/Ribbon-Candy-p/26233.htm





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