IMG_1658 Every day, I try to improve my process in the kitchen.  I firmly believe that having an organized kitchen helps me to enjoy all my cooking and baking tasks.  One of the best ways I find to keep frequently used seasonings at hand, is by having them gathered on a single dish.  I have a variety of peppers and a couple of salts.

Plus, I recently added a stainless steel flask that holds a dried spice mixture.  I like the look of stainless steel, and liked that this was a thin container that would fit on my small white dish.  I really don’t want to expand the size of this dish to take up too much counter space.

So, when I was asked to review this 6 ounce flask, my first response was “no.”  I really don’t drink whiskey and would probably never use a hidden pocket flask.  But, I decided that I could use this flask every day for spices and seasonings.  So far, it has been holding a spice blend that I use on chicken and fish.

This flask could also be used to house oil and vinegar when going on a picnic.  It is solid, air tight, and does not leak.  It could even hold chocolate syrup when traveling to a pot luck ice cream social. It could hold loose leaf tea.  I am all about using nice containers.  I am not the person to put a plastic bottle of ketchup or mustard on the table.  So, when going to a party, this might be the answer to transport some of those other types of ingredients in a nice way. Just an idea.

For more information on this flask, please follow this link:


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