Every kitchen needs certain tools for everyday tasks.

Some of my favorite kitchen tools are wooden spoons, silpat mats, coarse graters, kitchen scissors, a variety of cutting boards, mixing bowls of various sizes, stainless steel whisks, sifters and strainers.

Most of these tools will last a lifetime, so it is important to choose wisely.  I am certain that I have invested a great deal over the years on quality kitchenware.  Recently, I was asked to review a kitchen strainer by Wholeness Home.  I agreed to evaluate the product, and used it to clean pomegranates this past week.


The strainer is a nice 8 inch size and fits over a medium-sized bowl comfortably.  It is not a heavyweight strainer, so could not be used to strain heavy products like pasta.  Usually, something that heavy needs to be strained through a colander.  However, this product is for light-weight straining, such as cleaning fruit, straining gravy, or straining other sauces to insure a fine texture without lumps.  The size is nice and the product works as expected. I have several smaller strainers that I use for powdered sugar and dusting flour.

For more information on this product, please follow this link:


The company is offering 50 percent off with this code:  Strain50




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