teach children to garden

Since I am an advanced master gardener, I enjoy preparing for my vegetable garden during the month of January. The cold snowy weather gives me a chance to look through catalogs and plan for the vegetable growing season. In past years, I have even started to grow some vegetables under grow lights indoors during the winter months. I received this organic seeds garden gift pack to review and evaluate for gift giving or for summer gardening outdoors. The seeds are nicely packaged and labeled.

The sticker labels with popsicle sticks for pot markers are average quality. I would say for a home indoor garden or for a children’s garden project, these would be fine. The markerSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESs would not hold up outdoors with rain and weather during the summer months.

This kit would be a nice gift for a child along with a set of small pots and a children’s gardening book.  By spring time, children would be anticipating planting the seeds and watching their vegetables get a head start for late spring planting.


For more information on this kit, please follow this link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QSJ70V4/keywords=organic+seeds


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