bite-sized lemon tartlets

Small sized desserts are the preferred choice at the start of the New Year.  With the holidays behind us, it is best to downsize on sweet treats.  I found that using a frozen tartlet shell is any easy way to accomplish a small dessert choice.  These frozen mini phyllo shells are just the right size for a tasty treat at the end of a comfort meal.


For this recipe, the options are endless.  I use a low-calorie, fat-free pudding mix for the filling.  Top with fat-free Redi-whip topping and a maraschino cherry, which has been drained, and the dessert is complete. For today’s dessert, I used lemon pudding.

One box of pudding mix will make at least three trays of phyllo shells.  I simply bake the shells for five minutes and cool.  Next, I fill with the pudding mix and refrigerate for at least two hours until firm, and then decorate and serve.

Other options could include: using a chocolate ganache as filling, and then decorate in the same fashion. Or use a mousse filling with shaved chocolate as the topping.  Use your imagination. Great for upcoming awards or football parties.



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