anticipation of Valentine’s Day

For the past few days I have been scanning my cookbooks for possible recipes for Valentine’s day dinner.  I really prefer to make a nice romantic dinner for my husband at home each year, rather than fighting the crowds going out to dinner.

I have several favorite cookbooks that I “go to” for special occasions, and this year will not be the exception.  I highly recommend these cookbooks for romantic celebrations.  Each of them have great ideas for serving, presentation, and for adding those extra special hints of love that come from homemade cooked meals.


Taking the time to select and prepare any recipe is a gift to your beloved, and hopefully; they appreciate the attention given to them during the meal.  An extra special meal has several courses.  An appetizer, a relish, soup or salad, a beautiful entrée, and of course a deluxe dessert. Part of the enjoyment of the meal is the anticipation of each course.  None of the courses need to be large, however; they need to be presented with elegance.

Now is the time to prepare.  Bring out your dishes, look through the books, and start to plan a meal for the one you love.  Make certain to eat by candle light and have a wonderfully paired wine.


Here are my favorite cookbooks for special meals.  And, of course my favorite Valentine dishes by Emma Bridgewater.



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