I must admit that I do take shortcuts in the kitchen on some days.  When I find a product that I really like, I tend to use those “semi-homemade” time-saving steps.

I have found that the Stonewall Kitchen mixes are time savers and equally tasty.  I tried the Strawberry and Pancake waffle mix recently with great success.  The mix is full of flavor with a burst of strawberry appeal.  Made in the USA and distributed by Stonewall Kitchens of Maine, the waffles are perfect with every bite.

Using a Belgian waffle maker, I was able to make four large waffles with one recipe on the can.  The mix uses wheat flour and buttermilk for that home-made waffle feel and taste. I added fresh strawberries, sliced almonds and real whipped cream.

Drizzled with pure maple syrup, this mix is a real treat. This would be a wonderful surprise for someone you love on Valentine’s morning.

#Stonewall Kitchen




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