candle light for Valentine’s day

One of the best ways to improve a meal is to improve the presentation. Beautiful dishes, flatware, glassware and lighting can make even the most simple meal feel special. Serving a meal to those you care about is a gift. Often our everyday lives are so hectic, that we may not have time to do something special for every meal. However, making a special meal on Valentine’s Day could become even easier with just a few tricks.

I have decided this year to add many small flameless candles to my dinner table. I have been looking at these when the lights are down and these flickering candles simulate real candlelight. They create just the right atmosphere and light for a darkened room, leaving the real candles in place in their taller holders. This set came with the batteries installed and the on/off switches allow for ease of use. I have been practicing with them in many combinations, and find that placing them in various candle holders looks the best.

Even if you plan to just bring home something from take-out to share with those you love for Valentine’s Day, try bringing out special dishes and add these candle lights. I promise you that your spouse or friend will say the dinner feels so special.
For more information, please follow this link:


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