Since I am a tea lover, I am always on the lookout for new tea products.  I found this smart tea infuser recently, and decided to give it a try.  The size of the infuser is perfect for a 4 cup pot of tea.

The small straining holes allow for using some of the finest tea leaves.  I have found that other infusers allow for the leaves to escape and float in the tea-pot, requiring additional straining prior to serving.  This stainless steel product  is high quality and easy to clean.  The silicon handle and lid are well constructed and securely attach to the infuser. The product comes with a drip tray that could also be used to cover a tea-cup for warmth.

It was a joy to use this product this past week.  Instead of jumping up to my hot-pot every 15 minutes, I simply prepare my water, make a pot of tea and continue with my computer work.  So relaxing and surprisingly the pot of tea is just the perfect temperature for drinking. The infuser is available on at this link:           # smartteainfuser


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