French press coffee

French press coffee tastes better than any other brewed coffee.  There is a pure taste that comes from the freshly ground beans, which are steeped for three to four minutes and then pressed.  I love using my plunger pot for the fuller coffee brewed taste.


There are several important facts to remember when using a French press at home.  I follow these instructions and seem to have a great taste every time in my coffee mug. I make certain that my coffee is ground for a press, which means that the granules are not like powder.  I warm my press with water and only use 2 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee per cup of water.  I prepare my water in a hot-pot, but allow it cool.  If boiling water is poured over the coffee, it scalds the coffee.  So, I allow it to cool for several minutes, and then pour into my press.  I stir the water just to cover the coffee at first with a wooden spoon, and then pour the rest of the water into the press.  I allow the coffee to steep to the maximum of four minutes.  Sometimes, I opt for a shorter brew time for a milder flavor.

Then, I slowly push down on the stainless 3 layer filter press to keep the grounds out of my coffee beverage. Sometimes I can even see where the coffee has bloomed and formed a foam, which means that the coffee flavor has slowly imparted into the water.  This press is very easy to handle and to operate.


This press has a stainless frame and is able to be easily cleaned and taken apart. I let the press come back to room temperature before trying to wash in water–since the glass press could easily be broken with a sudden temperature change.

If I desire to have a flavored coffee, I warm my syrup in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding to my coffee. Coffee brewed in a press seems special.  It tastes better and is fun to do.  I serve coffee with whipped cream or Redi-Whip for that even extra special taste.




For more information on this coffee press, please follow this link:           #GlassFrenchPress



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