7-up Pancakes

Over the past 35 years, I have collected some wonderful cookbooks.  This has been a wonderful hobby that I have been able to share with my family.  They have had the benefit of trying many different types of recipes from different backgrounds and styles of cooking.  I have been able to make everything from elegant French cuisine to old-fashioned Southern cooking.  My collection has been enhanced in the past eight years since I haven’t been working as a nurse.  This extra time has allowed me to really concentrate on my love of cooking and using fresh ingredients from the garden in my dishes.

This recipe is one of those old-fashioned ones which is really tasty.  If you are tired of pancake mixes from the box and the market, this is an easy one that promises FLUFFY pancakes every single time.  The secret is substituting milk with 7-up.  I use diet 7-up and the pancakes are super light and delicious.


Here is the recipe:  Mix these ingredients with a hand mixer and allow to stand for a few minutes while the griddle is heating up–  14 ounces of diet 7-up, 2 tablespoons sugar, 3 cups of Heart Smart Bisquick, and 2 eggs.

Before the pancakes are put onto the griddle, spread some canola oil onto the surface.


I use a pancake dispenser which gives me great control for making certain shapes and sizes of pancakes.


I was practicing this week for Easter pancakes, so was able to form the ears and feet for my bunnies with this tool.  I saw a bunny pancake photo on Pinterest, so decided to try it with my favorite pancake recipe.  I used a bit of Fat-Free Redi-Whip for the tail and a bit of coconut.  With a couple of blueberries for the paws and a slice of banana, the bunny is very cute.




For more information on the pancake dispenser, please follow this link:



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  1. Interesting, I didn’t know u could make pancakes with 7-up! I will definitely have to give this recipe a try! Cute bunny!


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