Using a chef’s fork

Here is one of my newest kitchen tools.

The steel chef’s fork is that tool required for moving whole chickens, roasts or other large pieces of meat from the cooking pan to the carving board.


It is sturdy, well-made and the perfect size for these tasks. I am happy to be able to use this large fork, instead of balancing a smaller fork in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other. This tool is not flimsy.

It is nicely designed to do the work for you, and not cause any anguish during the delicate transfer. The fork has great control and is made for stability. The three stainless tongs are SO MUCH better than just two, which is the common design. The width of the fork helps with holding heavier meats. The length of the tongs seems to be just perfect for these tasks. The handle has a comfortable grip.

I used the fork yesterday to move my chicken into the pan prior to cooking, as well as to remove from the pan after the cooking process was complete.

This tool would be perfect for the smoker. Since it does not have a long handle, I would not recommend for the barbecue.

Overall, it has a great design and is one of my newer kitchen tools.

For more information, please follow this link:

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