spring garden clean up and pruning

I have been working in my yard cleaning up the garden beds and removing leaves, debris and cold damaged tips from my boxwood and other evergreens.  Today, I looked at my tree rose, and removed some of the cross branches.  This rose probably could be pruned back, however; I simply cannot ever do this task in the spring.  I know this rose blooms from old wood, and i especially love the pink fragrant blooms every year. I hate to even lose just one of them.


So, my pruning seems to concentrate on just a few stray branches and for the rest, I tend to use plant ties to hold the branches in the best position for the plant.

I recently was asked to try out these multi-binder re-usable plant ties, and have found them to be very flexible to use.  I like that the ties are made from rubber and will hold up to a wide range of temperature fluctuation.  The are expected to work in temperatures from -20 to 150+ degrees.  I know my garden has experienced the -20 this past winter, but I hope I will not have to test out the 150+ degrees during the upcoming summer months.


The ties can be ordered in a variety of sizes.  I used one small rubber tie to attach one of the rose-tree branches to the rose trellis.  The branch was secure and could be easily adjusted, if I decide the weight of the branch needs extra assistance to support. I like the space that the tie allows for movement, wind, and growth.

The rubber structure is an improvement over my other plastic clamps, which broke this winter under the temperature stress.

I look forward to doing more testing of this product in the coming weeks.  For more information, please follow this link:


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