Picnic lunches for warmer weather

With warmer weather coming to Michigan, the anticipation of picnic weather is here.  Portable containers to transport summer picnic food need to be properly sized with temperature consideration.  The containers need to keep food cold during transport.  I also like to have foods kept separately during transport.  There is nothing worse than having fruit juices spill or stain onto other picnic foods.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

This past week I was asked to review one of the latest products to be launched next month from Francois et Mimi.  The set is a three-piece stackable Bento Lunch box with an insulated lunch box bag.  The set is available in five different colors, and includes a portable fork, knife and spoon.  Made from food grade materials, the set is BPA free and FDA approved

I especially like the design of this bento box set.  The boxes are stackable, and have an elastic strap to hold them together.


 Some of my favorite picnic foods to easily transport include:

grilled shrimp, watercress and cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese, chicken salad with rosemary–served with crackers, cole slaw, fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries or grapes, scones with jam, brownies, shortbread cookies, and various cheeses with thin sourdough bread slices.

Other great picnic packables are: tortilla roll-ups, stuffed cherry tomatoes with dill cream cheese, olives, pickles, cheese twists and nut bread.


For more information about the Bento boxes or to order on amazon.com, please follow this link:



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