Summer is a time for entertaining.  Everyone enjoys being greeted with an offer of a beverage followed by a light appetizer. Here is a recipe that was inspired by Rachael Ray’s fast ideas, featured in her April 2014 magazine.

This recipe uses frozen puff pastry found at the local market.  I used one sheet, but if more guests are invited, be sure to use both sheets found in one box.  The frozen pastry thaws quickly in 15-20 minutes.  I used microwave bacon for this recipe and simple cooked the bacon and chopped into smaller pieces.  This is a recipe where substituting ingredients is easily done.

As Rachel recommends, I used diced onion, chopped bacon, cream cheese and scallions.  I increased the amount of the scallions from one to several to increase the flavor.  I also added several seasonings to the top of the appetizers.  I added parsley flakes, chopped chives, and dried basil.


To make the tart:  Thaw the pastry and pierce with a fork on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Next, in a skillet, cook one chopped white onion until lightly browned.  Remove from the stove.  Add chopped bacon and seasonings.  Spread 3 ounces of cream cheese or sliced fresh mozzarella cheese on the puff pastry.  Add the bacon mixture to the top.  Sprinkle with sliced green onions and seasonings.

Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Slice into smaller bite-sized pieces for serving.  Serve warm.





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